Thursday, December 21, 2017


In the ERASMUS+week there was a big BubbleBall competition in the context with the sports day at friday. It was the first babble ball competition at the Mittelschule Gochsheim. All classes took part and the guest students played as the ERASMUS+ team.
The rules could be explained very fast and so the competition could start quickly. It was of course unusual and extraordinary to be putted in a large bubble and try to reach the ball to kick it into the goal.  All made the experience that it is not only a lot of fun to play BubbleBall but it is also  exhausting and not so easy like it seams.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Musical "X-mas on the move"

At the end of the musical the audience gave thundering applause . The title of the musical „X-mas on the move“ is chosen because of the new ERASMUS+ -project „On the move“. Delegations of all partner schools from Spain, Italy, Poland, Croatia and Greece visited the Mittelschule Gochsheim. The highlight of the ERASMUS+ week was for sure the performance of the musical with the participation of all guest students, who prepared their parts at home to  be integrated then. The audience learned something about the tradition of christmas from the partner countries in this way. Joined up in circle the locomotive ERASMUS, blue dressed and with inline-skates, who drives through Europe, stopping in the european countries ans asking the students if they want to come with him. On their way they met differnt people and traditions. The ERASMUS train reached at the end the stage of the Mittelschule Gochsheim, where all students who came with him were  very welcomed. At the end all 150 actors, dancers and singers gathered on the stage with the headmaster Detlef Haas to an impressing final image with waving european flags and the conclusion: ERASMUS-power brings us rapidly to our aim.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

10.-15.12.2017: Kick-Off-meeting in Germany

Starting shot for the ERASMUS+project "On the move"
The go-ahead for the new ERASMUS+ project has been given for the six partner schools with the first meeting with teachers and students at the Mitteschule Gochsheim in Germany.
The partnership will last two years. A healthier lifestyle is the topic. This aim should be reached with more sport activities and a healthier eating. Many activities are planned, which the partnerschools will practice together. The first highlight will be the christmas musical in which all partnerschools will take part.
With a big welcome ceremony the students and teachers of the Mittelschule Gochsheim welcomed the teachers and students of their partnerschools. With the school-song „Schule der Vielfalt, so bunt wie die Welt“, the school choir opened the event. "Hello, you are welcome" sang the students from the 5th grade multilingual. The headmaster Detlef Haas and the teacher Daniel Kamm welcomed he ten teachers and the gueat students warmly at the stage. The national flags has been unrolled and the national anthems has been played. The guests presented their schools and their hometowns in short videos and with selfmade presentations. At the end the european anthem was played and sung. 
Then the guest teachers were invited to see the schoolbuilding. Students from the Mittelschule prepared this guided tour in english. 
Befor they travel back to their homecountries there will be a lot of activities and meetings to "get to know each other", which is the topic of this first meeting.

"We are glad to have you here and we are looking forward to our Erasmus-week with a lot of activities and I hope with a lot of time to get to know each other.
If we are Europeans, if we want to live side by side in an united peacefull europe, we, the european citicens have to know each other. And there is no better chance if we meet and talk to each other. Therefore such meetings are very important to live the idea of europe."