Thursday, September 14, 2017

Introduction to a new project, "On the move ... in the mood".

We introduce you to the Erasmus+ Project KA219 “On the move”!

During this school year and the next one, our school is going to participate in an educative project together with other schools from Croatia, Germany, Greece, Italy and Poland. The aim of this initiative is to know the students and culture from other countries so as to promote healthy lifestyles. Some of our students from 4º ESO accompanied by some teachers will take part in the exchange with students from those countries to know their hometown. They will spend five days in each country sharing experiences with the teachers and students from the other countries, and participating in the different programmed activities for that country. The activities will be based on the topic of sports, food, dancing …

This school year we are visiting the following countries and schools: the Mittelschule Gochsheim high school in Germany, from 10 to 16 December. From 4 to 10 February, we are travelling to the Zespol Szkol high school in Poland, and in May, from 7 to 12, we are travelling to the I.I.S. O. M. Corbino high school, in Partinico, Italy. During the next school year 2018-2019, we are travelling to the Gimnazija Gospic high school in Gospic, Croatia, from 23 to 29 September, 2018. From 17 to 23 March 2019, we will be travelling to the Gymnasio Soufliou high school in Soufli, Greece, and finally, from 5 to 11 May 2019, all the students and teachers from the other schools will be coming here, to Arzúa, to do different activities together.

The coordinator of this project in our school is Tino, an English teacher, and other teachers collaborating to develop this project are Chus, a technology teacher; Sabela and Maca, Spanish language teachers, and Miguel, a maths teacher.

This week, from 24 to 26 September, we welcomed the teachers from the different countries here, in Santiago and Arzúa, in order to organize the coordination of the project and to program the activities for the first meetings in Germany and Poland. We met at the Galician Centre of Contemporary Art, in Santiago, and at our high school, in Arzúa. There they could meet the students who have shown their interest in participating in this project, and the students had the chance to show their ability to communicate in English with them. There was also enough time for us to show them around Santiago and Arzúa, and we would like to thank the students of vocational training in sociocultural entertainment and tourism of the Rosalía de Castro high school for their fantastic route around Santiago.

Below, you can see some images of this first meeting in the project, which promises to be very interesting!

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