Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Our final mascot

We present our mascot:

During our meeting in germany (10. - 15.12.2017) we selected the winner from the group of nominated mascots (see below). And the winner is MOOVIC. Congratulations!!!

Its body consists of different fruits which symbolize our countries:
apple – Poland, tomato – Italy, orange – Spain, pomegranate – Croatia and olive – Greece
The head of the mascot represents our coordinator country – Germany 
Moovic is an optimistic creature. It’s got a huge smile on its face because it’s always in a good mood. 
Moreover, it leads a healthy lifestyle. It eats a lot of fruit and vegetables and does sport every day. 
Its favourite sport is in-line skating.
Now we will produce the mascot, that it can travel in real to poland, to our next meeting. 

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